Chief: Detroit Shooting Toll Is “Third World”


This year, Detroit police have received reports of 1,166 shootings, 215 of them fatal. That compares with 1,037 for the same time period last year, 179 of them fatal, reports Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley. Why does Detroit take it for granted, expect it?, Riley asks. Police Chief Warren Evans says, “People have got to get indignant [] Over 1,100 people being shot is getting kind of Third World to me. Part of the reason people aren’t getting righteously indignant is they are not personalizing what’s going on. I’m trying to help them do that.” He said he goes out two nights a week and works the streets, stopping motorists who rarely have driver’s license, registration, insurance.

Evans cites a consent decree that has governed Detroit for six years. The decree, designed to curtail police misconduct, has led to reluctance to arrest. He said every community group in the city will be assigned its own community services officer.

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