Intensive S.F. Policing Credited In Homicide Drop


Foot patrol efforts in San Francisco together with a federal crackdown on a gang, stepped-up enforcement targeting problem areas, and a police strategy of focusing on those suspected of causing the bulk of the Mission neighborhood’s troubles, are cutting violent crime, says the San Francisco Chronicle. Last year, before the effort began, there had been eight homicides in the Mission through the middle of August. So far this year, there has been none. Police say the success has been reproduced in San Francisco’s four other targeted zones and helps to account for a more than 50 percent drop in homicides citywide.

As he seeks to remake the department, newly appointed Chief George Gascón hopes to build on the efforts that have paid off in the Mission. “The results are very good,” he said. “Moving forward, the question is how we can continue to evolve from here and build on successes.”

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