MO Woman Charged With Cyberbullying Felony


A Missouri woman was charged with a felony for seeking to humiliate a teenager by posting the girl’s picture and cell phone number in a sexually suggestive online forum on Craigslist, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Elizabeth Thrasher, 40, is accused of posting the listing after an online confrontation with the 17-year-old daughter of a woman her ex-husband was dating. The case is the first felony harassment charge filed in St. Charles County, a St. Louis suburb, under a new state law drafted in response to the widely publicized suicide of teenager Megan Meier.

Mike Kielty, Thrasher’s lawyer, said he wasn’t sure prosecutors could meet the elements of the charge. He said the statute itself was poorly written. “To charge a woman, a mother, with a felony for what is tantamount to a practical joke, that’s awfully rash,” he said. “That’s taking it to the extreme.” The Meier cyber-bullying case received international attention after Lori Drew, an adult neighbor of Meier, was linked to a fake MySpace account blamed in her death. A federal judge in Los Angeles has said he will acquit Drew.

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