Vance Endorsed By NY Times For District Attorney


The New York Times has endorsed Cyrus Vance Jr. as the next Manhattan district attorney, succeeding Robert Morgenthau. Voters will decide in a Sept. 15 primary. The next DA will be only the third person to hold the job in 68 years. Candidate Richard Aborn “cannot match his opponents' broader experience and gravitas,” the Times says. Another candidate, former prosecutor and judge, Leslie Crocker Snyder, “has sometimes shown a taste for publicity, even as a judge, that can be at odds with the extraordinary restraint required of the district attorney,” the newspaper says.

The Times says Vance “offers balanced judgment and a commitment to criminal justice reform.” The Times cites his “excellent ideas,” including assigning prosecutors to cover particular communities, creating a bureau unit focused on public corruption, and beefing up efforts to protect immigrants from exploitation and to help newly released offenders reintegrate into society and avoid going back to prison. The paper also cites his plan to “devote ample resources to white-collar crime, including local mortgage and predatory lending scams, as well as corporate frauds and money-laundering schemes by arms and narcotics traffickers.”

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