No Charges In Racially Charged NYC Cop Shooting


A New York City grand jury voted not to indict a plainclothes officer who shot and killed another officer he mistook for a criminal on a rainy street, the New York Times reports. The decision means that officer Andrew Dunton will not face criminal charges for firing at an off-duty officer, Omar Edwards, who had been chasing a man he had caught breaking into his car and had drawn his gun as the man dashed off.

Dunton, 30, is white. Edwards, who was 25 and had been married for less than three weeks, was black. The shooting reignited concern among officials and activists about race relations and stereotypes within the police force. Several officials asked police to explore procedures that could help prevent shootings among officers and to examine how race affects officers' decision-making. The department hired an outside expert to review training policies and “assist in devising new methods to reduce racial bias in policing practices.”

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