Pot Stores Outnumber McDonalds In Parts Of L.A.


In some parts of Los Angeles, medical marijuana is more common than McDonalds or Starbucks, reports National Public Radio. Places where you can buy a Big Mac or a double tall mocha latte are outnumbered by pot stores, at least 2 to 1. Doctors don’t write prescriptions for marijuana. They give written recommendations often based on less-than-rigorous exams.

It’s not what California voters had in mind when they approved Proposition 215, the medical marijuana law, a dozen years ago. Then, it was billed as compassionate relief for people with cancer, HIV-AIDS, or glaucoma. Critics say that many use the medical marijuana law as a cover to buy recreational pot. “I think [Proposition] 215 was a complete sham. I think this was a hoax,” says Ron Brooks, a federal drug agent in San Francisco.

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