Detroit Collaboration Cracks Down On Hot Spots


More police officers are swarming the streets of Northeast Detroit, where more people have been shot, more cars stolen and more houses are identified as drug dens in recent months, says the Detroit Free Press. New Police Chief Warren Evans is starting a a collaboration with 10 local and federal law enforcement agencies in the new Project CRUSADERS: Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical Analysis, Data Evaluation & Response Strategies.

In the designated area, parole absconders and other felony fugitives with histories of gun crimes were the focus on the first day, with 79 arrests. “Operating as independent entities without a cohesive strategy has not produced the results citizens deserve,” Evans said. The sweep began Monday and ends today. After that, officials will regroup, reexamine crime data and redeploy. Within 6 square miles in northeast Detroit sit dozens of drug houses — 24 of which were visited Monday.

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