Comcast, Local TV Feature The Most Wanted


Some cable providers and local TV news stations, taking a cue from Fox’s America’s Most Wanted, are creating full-length crime shows with police discussing open cases – and suspects they want to apprehend, reports USA Today. Comcast launched Police Blotter in Philadelphia in 2006 as an experiment with “hyper-local reality programming” for its On Demand feature, sending crews to videotape Philadelphia-area police talking about most-wanted criminals.

“Local papers have a police blotter of local crimes. The local TV stations would feature the 10 ‘most-wanted’ criminals once or twice a year,” says a Comcast official. “With “On Demand, it’s available 24/7.”Variations of the program now run in 20 Comcast markets, including Chicago, Denver and Baltimore. Programs have launched this year in Indianapolis, Little Rock and Portland, Or. Police say such programs are helping to snare suspects.

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