On NYC Waterfront, Good Guys Were Bad, Too


The commission created to break the mob's grip on the New York City waterfront became its own bastion of lawlessness, employing some of the same corrupt methods as the gangsters it was supposed to pursue, investigators said Tuesday in a scathing report. The New York Times said top officials at the $11-million-a-year bistate agency divided spoils, helped cronies evade the law and thwarted security provisions meant to safeguard the port against terrorism.

The report on the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor by the New York State inspector general capped a nearly two-year investigation that the commission had sought to block in court. As a result of the findings, virtually the entire executive staff has been ousted. New leadership was put in place starting last year. The commission is a throwback to days when the gun and the knife ruled the nation's shipping, as depicted in the classic film “On the Waterfront.”

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