Cleveland ‘Peace Camp’ Shows Alternatives To Violence


A Cleveland organization tried to give the city’s youth an alternative to violence during what it called a “Peace Camp” in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, reports the city’s Plain Dealer. The theme: “Don’t shout it out. Don’t fight it out. Peace it out.” The activities included normal summer fare, such as basketball, swimming and a trip to the zoo, as well as African history lessons, African dance and yoga, which organizers extolled as a practice of self-control.

The sponsor was Peace in the Hood, a group that works with gang members and at-risk youths. “There’s a seed hopefully planted in the minds of our young people,” said Khalid Samad, the group’s executive director. “They don’t have to continue to replicate behavior that’s self-destructive.” The organization’s first camp was attended by 40 youths, including three children who had relatives killed this summer in gun violence, Samad said.

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