In Trend, Some Cons Must Pay To Stay In Lockups


In an attempt to fill criminal justice budget gaps, many states and counties are considering asking well-off inmates to pay for room and board, reports the Associated Press. In New York, an assemblyman introduced the “Madoff Bill” to charge wealthy criminals $90 a day to stay at state prisons. In Arizona’s Maricopa County, prisoners are charged $1.25 a day for meals. In Des Moines County, Iowa, politicians considered charging prisoners for toilet paper, although the idea was dropped.

A New Jersey legislator introduced a bill similar to New York’s, based on fees charged by the Camden County Correctional Facility, which bills prisoners $5 a day for room and board and $10 per day for infirmary stays. In Virginia, Richmond’s overcrowded city jail has begun charging $1 per day. In Taney County, Mo., the sheriff says charging inmates $45 per day would help pay for his new $27 million jail.

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