NJ Corruption Draws Low-Key Prosecutor To Limelight


The investigation into public corruption in New Jersey has shone on a spotlight on a low-key, career prosecutor who directed the heavily publicized raids last month, reports the Newark Star-Ledger. He is acting U.S. Attorney Ralph J. Marra Jr., who took over after when his predecessor left office last year to run for governor. Marra has spent much of his career working behind the scenes, prosecuting every sort of case from crooked street sweepers to wannabe jihadists.

Marra specialized in corruption in an office known for its corruption busting. But he left the spotlight to others. Yet, since the arrests went down two weeks ago, Marra has found himself suddenly on center stage. He has received calls and congratulatory e-mails from others in law enforcement, and — after weeks of long hours focused on the case — has had time to laugh over some of the recent headlines. His favorite was an over-the-top proclamation: “Everyone in New Jersey was arrested today!” by one website.

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