WI Patrol Data: No Breaks For Speeding Females


Contrary to the conventional wisdom, women are not spared speeding tickets in Wisconsin based on their gender, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Women and men receive the same proportion of tickets compared with warnings when pulled over by Wisconsin State Patrol officers. The patrol issued more than 150,000 citations and warnings in 2008. State Patrol officials say the decision to cite or warn a driver can be subjective and rests solely with the trooper who makes the stop.

The data showsed black drivers from Wisconsin received a speeding ticket a higher percentage of the time when they were stopped than whites did – about 10.5 percentage points more. Nearly 30 times more whites than blacks were issued either a citation or a warning, but proportionately, white drivers were more likely to get off with a warning. But black drivers were recorded speeding at faster speeds than whites. Those higher speeds are more likely to earn a ticket than a warning, experts say.

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