Phoning NYPD Precincts Will Test Your Patience


The New York Daily News says it’s nearly impossible to reach anyone at the front desks of many police precinct stationhouses across the city. The lines are busy. The phones ring off the hook. Or, even worse, cops pick up the phone – and slam it back down. The News telephoned all 76 neighborhood precinct stationhouses across the city at least seven times at varying times of day. More than 40% of the stationhouses were found to be “unacceptable.” For an “acceptable” rating, cops had to pick up in fewer than 10 rings on at least five out of seven calls.

The News also went to precinct stationhouses to observe the front desk in action – or, in some cases, inaction: The News caught a uniformed officer twice pick up the phone and immediately hang it up after a reporter discreetly dialed from the waiting area. “They have great cops in there,” said a citizen who had to call back several times to lodge a noise complaint. “But they can’t pick up a phone.”

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