New Yorkers Howl About COPS Turn-Down


Just after President Obama upset many police officers by wading into a racially charged controversy over the arrest of a Harvard professor, his administration shut out several big cities from community-oriented policing grants under the stimulus law. New York pols led those howling about the snub, says “This is a big setback,” said Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). “When you have Brooklyn, Ohio, getting two cops and Brooklyn, N.Y., getting nothing, you've got a problem.”

As reported Monday by Crime & Justice News, the Justice Department said it based the awards on a formula that took account of crime rates, “fiscal health factors” and community policing plans. California – which has the largest population and a mammoth state budget deficit and has been hard hit by the recession – took the biggest share of the grants, more than $211 million for 649 officers. The grant announcement was moved to Philadelphia from New Jersey at the last minute because of the corruption arrests there last week, local news outlets reported.

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