Families Seek To Reopen Virginia Tech Probe


Relatives of those killed and injured in the Virginia Tech massacre have asked Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to reopen the investigation into the case, saying a state report is erroneous and incomplete, USA Today reports. The August 2007 report by the Virginia Tech Review Panel “contains grave errors, misinformation and glaring omissions,” said a statement by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence signed by victims and their families. “We feel an incomplete and inaccurate report does not respect our loved ones, or us, and is potentially harmful to the public.”

Last week, it was reported that missing mental health records of student gunman Seung Hui Cho had been found in the home of Robert Miller, former director of Virginia Tech’s counseling center. Cho shot and killed two students in a dormitory and 30 others in a classroom building at Virginia Tech before killing himself April 16, 2007. Kaine said the staff that worked on the report would make corrections and additions to the report but it would be difficult to reconvene the volunteer panel.

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