FBI Cases Lead To Heavier Sentences


Case-by-case information collected by federal prosecutors indicates that by several measures the Federal Bureau of Investigation has improved its performance during the last five years, says the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC). The FBI, with a $7.1 billion budget in FY 2009, has 31,494 permanent positions including 13,382 special agents and 2,811 intelligence analysts. In the eight years since 9/11, the bureau has been drastically re-organized into three major branches.

During the past five years, an examination of the data show small but consistent year-by-year changes that point to improved FBI performance on a number of criminal enforcement indicators. FBI referrals that led to prosecutions rose from 51 percent in fiscal 2004 to 58.2 percent in fiscal 2008. In fiscal 2004, 79.2 of FBI cases led to convictions; in fiscal 2008 that proportion improved to 83.5 percent. In 2004, 10,056 individuals were sent to prison as a result of an FBI investigation and the median sentence was 30 months. In fiscal 2008 while the number sent to prison decreased to 9,789, the median sentence rose to 41 months.

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