Crime Stoppers, Columbus Police Disagree On Priorities


Central Ohio Crime Stoppers uses a weekly alert to publicize crimes in which police request assistance. Up to $2,000 is offered for tips that lead to an arrest or indictment. Crime Stoppers works with the Columbus police and would like to get more homicide cases, says the Columbus Dispatch. “We offered a program to them, but they definitely haven’t taken us up on it,” said Kevin Miles, president of the Crime Stoppers,

Detective Gerald Milner, whose full-time police job is Crime Stoppers coordinator, said featuring a range of crimes is important. “One of the concerns is, will people begin to get bored with a particular crime?” Milner said. “You want to make sure everyone understands there’s a wide variety of crimes. Most of us are not gonna be a victim of a homicide, but what are the chances of you being the victim of a fraud? Crime Stoppers must have police approval before featuring a crime, so detectives decide what crimes are chosen. A detective might not want a homicide publicized, for fear that the suspect will go underground, for example. Since July 2008, 212 Crime Stoppers-featured people have been arrested, leading to 427 charges.

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