Media Interest In Executions Wanes: Ohio Editor


Because Ohio has put to death 31 people in the past decade, state executions are no longer front-page news in the Columbus Dispatch, says the newspaper’s editor Benjamin Marrison. Unless future cases involve victims or murderers from our area, they’re unlikely to be covered even on the front pager of the paper’s metro section, Marrison says. The editor wrotes that as executions become more routine, they lose a bit of their newsworthiness.

Most newspapers print execution stories on an inside page, unless they have a local connection. Clearly, interest in executions has waned, Marrison says. In 1999, when the first Ohioan was put to death in 36 years, 119 media credentials were requested. For an execution last Tuesday, eight media outlets requested 12 credentials. The number of people who gather to protest the executions has dwindled similarly.

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