MA Paper To Halt Distribution Of Guide With Gun Ads


Uncle Henry's Swap or Sell it Guide is known in Boston's inner-city neighborhoods for its firearm section – a black-and-white list of AK-47s, Rugers, and Glocks that serves as another link in the illegal gun trafficking chain, says the Boston Globe. The booklets will disappear from shelves in liquor stores and other outlets in Boston. Under pressure from local anticrime organizations, the Boston Herald will stop distributing the publication in the Boston area.

“There's concern that firearms for sale in the book end up on the streets of Boston, and we didn't want any part of that,” said a Herald spokeswoman. Most gun listings in Uncle Henry's, which is based in Maine and distributed across New England, are placed by sellers from Maine and New Hampshire, where private firearm sales do not require background checks. The guide allows criminals to purchase guns that would be illegal in Boston and allows them to circumvent Massachusetts' stricter gun-ownership requirements. Uncle Henry's publisher said he would look into other distribution methods for Boston and that the guide's website would continue to list firearms.

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