Baltimore Police Will Strike Profanity From Facebook Page


Police love to be in control, so it’s just plain entertaining to watch as Baltimore’s finest ventures out into the very uncontrolled world of social networking, says Baltimore Sun crime reporter Peter Hermann. Their Facebook page is impressive, with frequent updates, photos, announcements of breaking shootings and arrests, and of course, lively discussions–sometimes too lively.

As with many Internet talk forums, a routine posting by a police about an officer who shot a would-be robber at a bus stop led to a discussion on gun and gun control and quickly became a bar room brawl involving at least one man who identified himself as a police officer and a community activist. We get nowhere when the disucssion move away from civil discourse and into a profane, name-calling rant, as this one does, Hermann says. A police spokesman said, “We do not condone profanity, do not condone threats. Those comments will be removed.”

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