Pittsburgh Law On Reporting Gun Thefts Upheld


Pittsburgh may soon begin enforcing a law requiring owners to report lost or stolen guns within 24 hours after a judge tossed out a challenge by the National Rifle Association, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. However, Mayor Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has said the law was unenforceable and pre-empted by state law. The law is aimed at straw purchasers who legally buy guns and then sell or give them to criminals. Often police can trace a gun used in a crime to the legal owner, but the owner tells them the gun had been lost or stolen. Allegheny County Judge R. Stanton Wettick Jr. ruled yesterday that the NRA and four local gun owners did not have legal standing to challenge the law. He didn’t rule on the validity of the law itself.

Daniel Vice of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said, “The NRA should end its hypocrisy in claiming to support enforcing the laws on the books and then suing to strike down common sense gun laws. It’s too easy for dangerous criminals to get deadly weapons.” Pittsburgh attorney Meghan Jones-Rolla, who represents the NRA, said the organization will file an appeal.

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