FL Clears Miami’s Compstat In Crime Data Probe


A Florida state investigation found no evidence of systematic efforts by Miami police brass to suppress city crime statistics — but found that some underlings nevertheless felt pressure to skew the numbers, reports the Miami Herald. The report pinned the problem on the department’s handling of Compstat, a computerized system that tracks crime trends, championed by Police Chief John Timoney as a valuable tool. After the report was issued, Timoney said, “Compstat will remain the way it is. There’s nothing wrong. Why would I do anything differently?”

The investigation began after the police union alleged that administrators encouraged false reporting of crimes — specifically, through the downgrading of crimes to “information only” reports. The Fraternal Order of Police also disparaged Compstat, alleging that mid-level staffers were pressured in biweekly meetings to account for crime spikes. The report recommended improved officer training and procedures to lessen the chances of inaccurate reporting, as well as explaining “the purpose of Compstat.”

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