80% Of TN Restaurants To Ban Guns


Eighty percent of Tennessee’s restaurant are expected to opt out of a new state law allowing handgun permit carry holders to bring their weapons into eateries, The Tennessean reports. Says one restaurant chain owner who plans to post signs saying that guns are not allowed: “It irritates me that the state has put us in the position to be the bad guys. “We have to actively tell somebody ‘No.’ That’s something in the hospitality industry that we don’t like to do.”

The law says that the 237,750 permit holders may take their weapons into restaurants and bars unless the establishments specifically ban them. John Harris of the Tennessee Firearms Association said restaurant and bar patrons don’t need to worry about seeing bullets fly or hearing gunfire on a regular basis. Gun owners – who are prohibited from drinking alcohol while carrying – will blend in with other customers, he said.

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