Happenstance: Ex-Con’s Involvement In McNair Death


Adrian Gilliam Jr. of Tennessee had to get rid of a gun; he bought it from an acquaintance for protection after a burglary, even though he was a convicted felon. Now his fiancée didn’t want it aound their 2-year-old daughter. What happened next was a coincidence that got ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair killed. Gilliam was in the car trade, and a woman McNair dated wanted to sell him her Kia. She also wanted a gun. On July 2, Gilliam talked to waitress Sahel “Jenni” Kazemi, 20 – taking a pass on her car but selling her the gun for $100. Two days later, McNair was dead, shot four times by Kazemi, who then turned the gun on herself. “It’s a unique set of circumstances, and how it evolved is quite amazing,” Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas said. “She was trying to get rid of her car and wanted a gun. And he had one. It’s happenstance.”

Gilliam, 33, was arrested Friday and charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder and attempted armed robbery in Florida in 1993 and sentenced concurrently to 15 and 17 years in prison. Gilliam has been free for seven years with no trouble, Mundy said, moving to Tennessee soon after his release. In Tennessee, a private owner can sell a gun without any record of sale, but the purchaser must be 18 or older. If Gilliam had sold the gun to Kazemi and had no convictions, he would not be facing prosecution.

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