To Fight Crime, Detroit To Tow More Cars In Traffic Offenses


Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans is going to tow vehicles to try to stem the tide of shootings in the city, the Detroit News reports. Evans said many shootings in the city are committed at night by young men in their late teens and early 20s without valid driver’s licenses. He figures by seizing their vehicles for traffic offenses, he can cut down on the number of drive-by shootings. Previous administrations would not arrest drivers for such offenses unless they had traffic tickets totaling at least $1,200, Evans said. “He (an offender) knows he is not going to jail, and we know we are not taking him to jail,” Evans said of the previous policy. “They had diplomatic immunity.”

Officers will not arrest the drivers, but by taking their vehicles Evans said the department can make a dent in shootings by making likely shooters work harder to get around town. Areas that receive a high number of police runs would be targeted. “We do not intend to keep watching people get shot and do nothing about it,” Evans said. Evans said the policy is one of several he will implement in coming weeks.

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