CompStat Contributes To Tulsa Crime Drop


Tulsa Police Chief Ron Palmer wants CompStat to become a tool that officers use daily to reduce crime, reports the Tulsa World. “From my point of view, it is time to turn up the heat a bit on this and to go down further than just the division commanders and captains here to make sure that CompStat is more than just an exercise we do every 28 days and get together and talk about,” Palmer said. The police department has a goal of a 5 percent reduction in crime for the year; serious crimes are down 3.3 percent through May.

Maj. Julie Harris, commander of the Riverside Division, which covers south and southwest Tulsa, said her area had an overall 16 percent reduction in crime during the last reporting period. Officers there addressed burglaries by creating “target packets” identifying potential suspects, the times of day that burglaries usually happen, and where they happen. As a result, they caught repeat burglars, including a burglary gang, Harris said.

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