Detroit Kids Say No-Snitch Culture Ingrained


Clergy and civic groups have joined the Detroit’s new leadership in calling for an end to youth violence — specifically targeting the no-snitch culture that says it’s better, and safer, to turn a blind eye to criminal acts. Kids on the street are saying: Good luck, reports the Detroit News. “In this city, it’s come down to a combination of fear and I don’t care,” said Antonio Bolden, 15. “When it comes to the no-snitch thing, this city is too far gone.”

Chief County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said, “Without people telling what they know to law enforcement we would have anarchy in the streets.” Some say that’s already a good description of Detroit. “Truth is, that’s the only thing that keeps my neighborhood bonded. No one helps us. None of us trust the police or any part of this city’s government,” said Ninoshka Nieves, 17. “There have been so many promises made that nobody trusts anyone in authority any more. When something happens, we won’t say a thing. That’s the way it is.”

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