Under Public Pressure, Sacramento Board Saves Sheriffs’ Jobs


Barraged by public criticism, Sacramento County supervisors ordered staff to find $10 million to restore 70 sheriff’s deputies’ jobs, the Sacramento Bee reports. Small-business owners, concerned residents, social workers, firefighters, advocates, and deputies young and old packed the board chambers and spilled into the lobby, pleading with the supervisors in a two-hour hearing. One resident said that people and businesses would flee if the board didn’t find more money for the sheriff’s department. “You’re going to have pockets of little ghost towns around the area,” he said.

A sheriff’s deputy got loud applause when he called for cutting social programs to save public safety jobs. “If, as the county executive would have us believe, we are truly out of money, then I would say that the time for massive social programs and taxpayer-supported giveaways has to come to an end,” he said.

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