TN Gov Deplores “Craziness” In Laws On Guns In Restaurants, Parks


Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen he hopes his state’s legislature will roll back some of the gun laws it passed this year at the urging of a relatively few but “passionate” people, reports the Memphis Commercial Appeal. He predicted a backlash from a majority of Tennesseans he said have become energized over some of the “craziness” in the guns-in-restaurants and guns-in-parks laws going into effect. Restaurant owners and local governments are exercising their “opt-out” authority to keep their businesses and local parks gun-free zones.

Shelby County and Republican-heavy areas yesterday removed their local parks from the new law allowing handgun-carry permit holders to bring guns into parks. State Rep. Curry Todd, who sponsored the guns-in-restaurants bill, said he doubts the legislature will roll back any of the bills and that he favors retaining the opt-out provision for cities and counties on local parks.

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