Sotomayor Called Solid On Gun Rights


A red-state Democratic rebellion based on gun rights may be the Republicans' best shot to derail Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court, says, but the National Rifle Association has yet to engage in serious lobbying on the issue. Several Democrats said they are not ruling out opposing Sotomayor if she stumbles on the gun issue during her confirmation hearings, which begin July 13.

Sotomayor has assured many senators in private meetings that last year’s Supreme Court ruling striking down the District of Columbia's strict gun-control laws is the precedent that she would follow. The American Hunters and Shooters Association, has supported Sotomayor. The group's endorsement – which the NRA has criticized – will be highlighted as part of a rapid-fire response strategy Democrats plan to launch to respond to GOP attacks at the hearings.

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