Detroit Seeks Answers After 7 Teens Are Shot


An initiative by Detroit Bishop Edgar Vann seeks to augment police and school security officers with 100 MADE Men (Men Affirming Discipline and Education) when the new school year begins in September, reports the Detroit Free Press . Vann said the volunteers would undergo training and act as additional eyes and ears for police and law-abiding Detroiters. In 2006, a similar initiative fizzled. Now, three mayors and three police chiefs later, Detroit kids are once again gunning down other Detroit kids in broad daylight.

Eight days after the shooting of seven teenagers outside a school last week, police have no suspect in custody — an outrage that implicates so many it’s difficult to know where to start, says Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson. New Police Chief Warren Evans has spoken candidly of the twin deficits hampering his department’s response to the shootings. The questions any police chief has to ask after such a crime, Evans said, are: “Do you have enough manpower?” and “Are people in the community talking to you?” Unfortunately for Evans, he is taking over a police force that many Detroiters regard as suspiciously as Iraqis regarded invading U.S. troops. It’s not just that there are too few police officers; it’s that they operate in an environment where the taboo against snitching is stronger than the taboo against shooting, Dickerson says.

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