Weak Gun Laws Contributed To McNair Death: Brady


The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence is linking the death of famed pro football quarterback Steve McNair in Nashville to “weak gun laws.” McNair was shot to death last weekend, apparently by a girlfriend who then committed suicide. Brady President Paul Helmke said that the killer “purchased her handgun from a private seller who was exempt from Brady Law background checks. Because she was not yet 21 years of age, she was a prohibited handgun buyer and would have failed a Brady check.”

Helmke said that the mandatory federal waiting period for handgun sales through licensed dealers could have “prevented this tragedy, since the shooting occurred only two days after she bought the gun. A waiting period and background check may have saved Steve McNair's life.” The Tennessean in Nashville reported that Sahel Kazemi bought a semi-automatic pistol last Thursday evening a few hours after she was bailed out of jail by McNair for a DUI charge. Both were found on Saturday. The woman was not old enough to carry a handgun legally or purchase one from a gun dealer. The person who sold the gun to Kazemi is not in custody and may not be charged because the seller may not have known Kazemi was under 21, police said.

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