Gun Advocates Fail To Gain Campus Carry Rights


Gun-rights advocates have won victories in several states in recent months allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons in public parks, taverns, and work places. But even on an issue as divisive as gun control, states may be nearing something resembling a national consensus: Guns don’t belong in a college classroom, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In the two years since a Virginia Tech student shot and killed 32 students and professors, gun-rights advocates have failed to pass laws even in states strongly supportive of gun owners’ rights, including Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Kentucky. Some gun-rights advocates predict Texas will provide their first victory, saying the legislature had the votes to pass the bill but ran out of time. “If Texas were to pass it, we predict that it would catch on in other states,” said Katie Kasprzak of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

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