Gun Shortage May Blunt Sales Increase


The national jump in gun sales is mirrored on Long Island, as gun sellers report increased sales and police departments record an increase in pistol applications and permits issued, Newsday reports. The upswing is due in part to projections for stricter gun laws under a new president and personal safety in a dismal economy, say gun shop owners, some of whom report sales up as much as 40 percent in the past eight to 10 months.

An investment analyst said the nationwide spike in firearm stocks and sales appears to be “deaccelerating,” but many local gun shop owners said demand is still high. “The reason sales might seem to be slowing is because there is a lack of product,” said Jose Maza of American Outdoor Sports Inc. in Farmingdale. Maza and other dealers say manufacturers seem to be having trouble keeping up with demand. “I placed an order recently for handguns, and the manufacturer told me I could be looking at delivery in 2010,” Maza said.

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