Cost Of Wrongful Taser Use On Homeless Felon: $12,500


A homeless Seattle felon, who was zapped with two Tasers simultaneously – twice – during a 2006 arrest, has settled a damage suit against Tukwila, Wa., police for $12,500, reports the Seattle Times. The settlement came after a federal judge ruled that the two officers violated the rights of Terrance Releford and were too quick to use their Tasers after confronting Releford outside a convenience store to arrest him on outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

Releford – who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs upward of 300 pounds – found himself between two officers, both armed with Tasers. Both officers ordered him to turn around. When he hesitated at the conflicting commands, the officers fired their stun guns simultaneously, knocking him to the ground with a combined 100,000 volts. Releford’s attorney said, “This incident was very painful. He had serious emotional issues afterward.”

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