Boston Disciplines 11 Officers In Steroid Scandal


Eleven Boston police officers have been disciplined for their role in a steroid scandal that humiliated the department, forced officials to tighten their drug policies, and resulted in prison time for four patrolmen, the Boston Globe reports. The officers, seven of whom admitted to using steroids, received punishments ranging from a written reprimand to a 45-day suspension without pay. The disciplinary action ends one of the most embarrassing chapters in the department's history, but questions linger about how effective the police can be in controlling steroid use in the department considering how difficult it is to test for the drug.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis said that after a federal investigation began, the department started training supervisors to spot signs of substance abuse, especially steroids. Supervisors are also going through “integrity training,'' which reviews the department's ethics, like reporting other officers' wrongdoing and looking for signs of possible corruption among officers. One possible example: a patrolman who suddenly buys a luxury car. Officers and recruits must also now take courses that teach the health risks of using anabolic steroids and recruits are being tested for the illegal substance.

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