Judge OK’s Arizona Lethal Injection Procedure


A federal judge has approved Arizona’s lethal-injection procedure, calling it similar to one approved by the U.S. Supreme Court, reports the Arizona Republic. Executions have been on hold in Arizona since November 2007, when the Arizona Supreme Court postponed the death of convicted murderer Jeffrey Landrigan pending the U.S. Supreme Court’s analysis of how inmates were put to death in Kentucky.

The high court’s ruling approved the Kentucky protocol, but left the door open for other death-row defendants to question how it was done in their states. A public defender will appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, but Assistant Arizona Attorney General Kent Cattani said he doubted that the appeals court would overturn the decision, given the state’s similarities to the Kentucky protocol. “The intent is to have the process be as humane as possible,” he said.

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