Ecstasy Pills Shaped As Cartoon Characters, Obama


Drugs shaped like Snoopy, Transformers, and President Barack Obama's head have showed up on Kansas City area streets, adding to a trend that worries police and health experts, the Kansas City Star reports. Colorful Ecstasy pills started showing up last year shaped as Homer and Bart Simpson, Ninja Turtles, and other characters. As more of the pills that look like vitamins or candy go out locally and nationwide, they put children at great risk, police and experts said.

“Someone leaves this around [] kids pick them up and boom,” said H. Westley Clark, director of the federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. The result could be seizures, a spiked blood pressure and heart rate and even death. Last month, Drug Enforcement Administration officials in Nevada sent out warnings that the cartoon pills were in Las Vegas. Dealers there call Ecstasy “Thizz” and market it to minors, the DEA warned. The cartoon character marketing is a ploy by predators to promote a dangerous drug as light fun in order to sell to more teens and young adults, Clark said.

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