Drug Violence Also Flaring In Canada


In Abbotsford, British Columbia, drug dealers are gunning down women (one in a car with her 4-year-old son in the back seat), high school students with no gang allegiances and one another, in broad daylight in and around the city that will host the 2010 Winter Olympics, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“Let’s get serious. There is a gang war, and it’s brutal. What we have seen are new rules of engagement for the gangsters,” said Vancouver’s chief police constable, Jim Chu. Authorities trace the violence to the government crackdown on cocaine traffickers in Mexico, which has squeezed profit margins for cocaine north of the U.S. border. Canada’s outlaw retailers are fighting to the death over market share, police say, a situation exacerbated by personal vendettas and power vacuums left by the arrests of gang leaders.

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