Weisburd Named Winner Of Stockholm Criminology Prize


Criminologist David Weisburd of George Mason University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem has been selected winner of the 2010 Stockholm Prize in criminology for his research showing that intensified police patrols does not merely displace crime to other areas. Sponsors of the award said the research encourages police to concentrate crime prevention efforts at less than 5 percent of street corners where more than half of all urban crime occurs.

The jury cited Weisburd’s work on spatial displacement as the most influential contribution of his wider body of work that has helped bridge the gap between criminology and police practice. The jury noted that Weisburd has been a leader among the growing number of criminologists whose evidence shows how the application of research findings can help to reduce not only crime, but also the unnecessary impositions on liberty from policing activities that do not address a predictable crime risk. This year’s Stockholm przies were awarded to John Hagan of the U.S. and Canada and Eugenio Raoul Zaffaroni of Argentina for contributions to the criminology of genocide.

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