Newspaper: Indianapolis Fails To Monitor Off-Duty Officers


Nearly 60 percent of Indianapolis police officers have a permit that allows them to work a second, off-duty job. For some, it’s a few hours here and there. Others have a steady part-time gig. An Indianapolis Star review of the police department’s policy for off-duty employment shows that it fails in critical ways to monitor the actions of its off-duty officers. The result has left the city open to safety and liability issues as well as embarrassing or even potentially criminal instances of corruption.

A grand jury is investigating 51 officers who worked part-time security jobs for OmniSource scrap yards, a company was the subject of an undercover sting operation that alleges its workers knowingly purchased stolen metal. An internal investigation is probing possible misconduct by three other officers on allegations that they scammed a bar by charging it for more off-duty officers than actually provided. The Star surveyed police departments in other cities and found that many of them have stricter policies that might have prevented such scenarios.

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