NJ 4th State To Pass “One Gun A Month” Law


Handgun purchases in New Jersey would be limited to one per month after the state legislature gave final approval Friday to a controversial bill that had stalled for months and re-emerged in the rush before the summer break, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. The measure, now before Gov. Jon Corzine, would make New Jersey the fourth state to limit handgun purchases to once a month, said gun control activists.

Gun enthusiasts and some lawmakers said the bill would punish law-abiding gun owners. To address their concerns, Corzine issued an executive order moments after the vote creating a task force examining the law’s impact on collectors and sportsmen. “I am confident this will be a real task force offering real recommendations,” said Sen. Fred Madden, a Democrat who provided the key vote that passed the bill, 21-15. The bill would limit people to purchase only one handgun per 30-day period. It also prohibits firearms sellers from “knowingly delivering” more than one handgun per 30-day period.

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