No Prison Camp Likely For Madoff


When Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernard Madoff is sentenced on Monday, he’ll be sent to a real prison with real bars and violent offenders, not a “country club” for white collar crooks, consultants tell CNN. The length of Madoff’s likely sentence, gives him an incentive to escape and virtually ensures that he’ll be sent to a prison instead of a minimum-security camp. “Madoff, he’s not going to a camp, ever,” said Larry Levine, founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants and a former inmate of the federal prison system.

Camps are generally preferred by convicts, because they’re deemed safer, with fewer restrictions. “Prison camps are open facilities,” said Alan Ellis, author of the “Federal Prison Guidebook.” “They are not surrounded by a fence. They generally house first-time offenders,
non-violent offenders, people who are not going to be troublemakers.” Ellis identified the most likely prison locations for Madoff’ as Otisville, N.Y., 70 miles northwest of New York
City; Fairton in New Jersey; Ray Brook in in upstate New York and McKean in northwestern
Pennsylvania. All are medium-security.

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