Cincinnati Police Avert “Rambo Situation”


Police theorize that the poor economy prompted a Cincinnati man, John Rosser, 28, set out to kill his former boss Monday at a local convention center. Rosser had been unable to find a job and after 2½ years was pushed to the brink when the property manager of his apartment said she would have to evict him if he didn’t pay up.

The manager said Rosser told her he was going to kill his former boss. She said he donned fatigues, armed himself with an arsenal of weapons including a loaded 9 mm, five knives and handcuffs, and set off to walk downtown. “It was like a Rambo situation,” Cincinnati police Detective Jeff Dunaway said. “He was very angry, it could be the stress of the economy.” Two officers spotted Rosser about 100 yards from the center and arrested him. “We were very lucky,” Dunaway said.

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