AR Gov Backs “In Depth” Probe Of Prison System


Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe believes parallel state police and prison investigations are appropriate in getting to the bottom of recent serious incidents within the prison system, reports the Arkansas News Bureau. eebe told the Associated Press he wanted an “in-depth investigation” of the state Department of Correction after reports that an inmate nearly died after being left naked in his own feces for a weekend. That incident, along with last month's escape of two convicted murderers from the Cummins Unit and allegations that a nurse gave guards lap dances on the job raised concerns about the prison system, the governor said.

On May 29, two inmates dressed in correctional officers uniforms walked out of the Cummins Unit and drove off in a car that had been left in the parking lot for them. The inmates were captured four days later driving in western New York state. Three civilians were charged with providing the getaway car and five correctional officers were fired for lapses in fulfilling their duties, though authorities have found no evidence the prison workers aided in the escape.

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