Editor Backs Flynn Story, Decries “Hatchet Job”


In the continuing saga of the Milwaukee reporter who had an affair with Police Chief Ed Flynn, the editor of Milwaukee Magazine, which published the piece, has weighed in with a judgment that “on balance, the story was positive, but in the storied career of Flynn, which had generated nothing but adulatory press, it was the toughest profile any reporter had ever done.” So says editor Bruce Murphy, who says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a “hatchet job” on writer Jessica McBride. Murphy echoes McBride’s statement that the story was written well before the affair started.Murphy says the Journal Sentinel “offered no evidence the affair has in any way detracted from Flynn’s performance as police chief.” To make it into a “juicy conflict of interest for reporter McBride,” Murphy maintains, the newspaper “stretched the truth to manufacture something that wasn’t there.” He concludes: “We stand behind our story on Ed Flynn.”

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