GOP Critic Questions GAO On U.S. Guns To Mexico


A government audit of U.S. efforts to stop arms trafficking to Mexico was criticized Friday by a Republican member of Congress who said its conclusion that smuggled weapons from the U.S. were fueling the rise of violent Mexican drug cartels was based on incomplete data, reports the Los Angeles Times. The audit said more than 90 percent of the firearms traced by authorities after being seized in Mexico over the last three years came from the United States. Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) noted that out of the 30,000 firearms seized in Mexico in fiscal 2008, only 7,200 were submitted for tracing. “Where did the other 22,000 guns that were seized come from? Venezuela? Europe? Ecuador? Nicaragua?” Mack asked.Lead study author Jess Ford of the Government Accountability Office stood by the report, saying that “available evidence indicates a large percentage of the firearms fueling Mexican drug violence originated in the United States, including a growing number of increasingly lethal weapons.” The report quotes U.S. law enforcement officials as saying that their “experience and observations corroborated that most of the firearms in Mexico had originated in the United States.”

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