Craigslist Ad Helps Cops Catch Furniture Thief


Craigslist has been accused of enabling sex crimes but maybe it can help solve crimes, too. NewsChannel 36 in Charlotte, N.C., reports that a man named Marquis Smith was offering a great deal on some furniture on Craigslist. A warehouse was broken into on June 4, and the next day, the stolen items were listed for sale on Craigslist.

Investigators recognized the online descriptions and set up a sting to snare the 21-year-old suspect. “He answered and we continued to correspond with him for a while and then a meeting was arranged,” said investigator Michael Hardin. Police say that in the past thieves would try and sell a haul like this one out of town, but the suspect in this case had the furniture in apartments five minutes from the warehouse. In this case, the Internet made Smith an easy catch. “We feel good about it, we really do,” Hardin said. “And the fact it’s involving Craigslist and it’s becoming a new trend.”

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