Reports Reveal Methods Used By Drug Traffickers



A series of reports from the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center, made public for the first time, reveals details about the narcotics markets in 32 cities, reports U.S. News & World Report. It includes answers to such questions as: Where do all those drugs in your hometown come from? Which vehicles are most likely to be transporting drugs? Which highways and side roads are the most traveled by narcotics traffickers?

For instance, package delivery services are increasingly being used by drug traffickers to transport marijuana, which is typically sent in multi-pound parcels from the Southwest Border area. Many drug traffickers prefer to use package delivery services because they can monitor the progress of shipments on the Internet. More of the cocaine comes from cartels based in New York City, according to the report. Marijuana comes from Mexico through Georgia and North Carolina. Vietnamese traffickers from Toronto are the primary ecstasy traffickers in the region, while gangs bring in most of the PCP from California, often in plastic bottles in checked airline luggage.

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